My Popcorn World

Many people today think about what they eat! It is still a small percent of all the people, but it is very important for humanity! Why? Well, that means that we use our brain, we think, we inform ourselves … That is a potential, and it´s expanding and reaches the people who are struggling with their families and communities for their own opinion of what food actually represent!

It is not easy to change everything you learned from your family and community!  Is it something good or not good, it will take you to the point you realize that there is something else that is better for you!

Organic Maize Production

Organic maize production in relation to conventional maize areas still occupies a small percentage. Further expansion prevents the often-occurring GMO corn, which provides higher yields and hence higher profits. Also, the cost of investing in such products is significantly reduced compared to organic growing conditions.

Organic corn is characterized by certified production without the use of GMO plants, mineral fertilizers, and synthetic plant protection products. Hence, the final product is healthier and of greater nutritional value than that obtained from conventional agriculture.

Why is Organic Popcorn Healthy!

  • They have antioxidant activity– The most important active ingredients in organic popcorn are polyphenols, compounds that resist free radicals and protect blood vessels.
  • They are rich in fiber– Cereals and bran are a rich source of fiber, and as organic popcorn comes from whole grain corn, it does not lose its nutritional value. Recommendations for daily fiber intake are 20 – 35 grams per day.
  • They are low calorie– Non- organic popcorn has a low-calorie value. The number of calories depends on the method of preparation, and you can decide whether you have the ´most nutritious´ of all possible snacks or a few higher-calorie bites. Unless cooked with butter, they have about 90 calories per serving.
  • Sugar-free– This makes them ideal snacks. Biscuits, chocolates, and other sweets currently provide energy, but soon they are lower, and just put too much-unneeded insulin in your blood!

There is some more!

Unless they contain a large amount of salt, organic popcorn is healthy. Basically, they contain a large amount of fiber that is beneficial to human health. In addition to fiber, popcorn also contains antioxidant elements, which are otherwise contained in corn, and whose ability to act on the body is increased in the process of heating, or in the process of preparing popcorn. Popcorn is healthy for gut intestines to work as well as for skin health.

It prevents anemia, relieves muscle aches, is an irreplaceable fighter against bronchitis, gout, depression, and diabetes. It´s just a superfood- corn. But that´s not all, corn improves concentration, especially advises athletes for fitness, strengthens the nervous system, cleanses blood vessels, digestive tract and is a great diuretic.

Popcorn is good for: …….

Organic Popcorn:

  • Improves memory- Thanks to the abundance of Vitamin B1 (one corn meets 24 percent of total daily needs), which is an integral part of energy-related enzymatic reactions, it also plays an important role in the cognitive functions of the brain as it required in acetylcholine synthesis. Acetylcholine represents the neurotransmitters essential for memory. Acetylcholine deficiency linked to aging diseases such as senility and Alzheimer´s disease.
  • Friend of the Digestive System- Due to its high content of vegetable fibers, it is an excellent diuretic and helps regulate constipation. It is also good for gastric diseases, as it relieves the symptoms of gastritis and gastric ulcer and significantly reduces heartburn.

    Red Dirt And Fatty Cells
  • Heart Loves Corn- Due to the high content of dietary fiber, corn lowers blood cholesterol levels, and its beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system lies in the significant content of B vitamins that lower blood homocysteine levels. Homocysteine directly damages the blood vessels, so lowering the concentration of these dangerous molecules reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, or peripheral blood vessel disease.
  • Reduces Lung Cancer Risk- Consuming foods rich in beta-cryptoxanthin a red-orange carotenoid found in large quantities in corn significantly reduces the risk of lung cancer. One study found that corn intake in non-smokers reduced the risk by 27 percent and in smokers by 37 percent compared to smokers who rarely consumed foods rich in this ingredient.
  • Save Vitamins- Unlike other vegetables, which lose some of their nutrients by heat treatment, only vitamin C is partially destroyed by cooking or baking corn, but molecules with antioxidant activity are released, which increases its protective powers.

Organic Popcorn- Real Popcorn

I would say, only organic popcorn is a real popcorn. Everything else is just a bad GMO copy, industrial garbage, and poisons! Someone would say I am overreacting but I must be honest to everybody who´s reading this!

With Organic Popcorn only the Popcorn Sky is the limit! ;))